About our Company

Interlink Products International, Inc. is a New Jersey based Research & Development Company specializing in the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative consumer and professional healthcare products in Shower & Bath, Personal Care and Cleaning categories. The company was founded in 1996 and built on conceptual and technological innovation, high product quality and excellence in customer service.

Revolutionary Hydro-Propulsion and Hydro-Infusion™ Technology
Company's revolutionary innovations have expanded the use of standard indoor and outdoor household water sources beyond conventional washing and rinsing applications. With over 30 current and pending utility patents, Interlink Products International Inc., has become a leader in Hydro-propulsion and Hydro-infusion™ technologies. It has pioneered the use of hydropower for personal care and cleaning applications by replacing conventional labor-intensive manual methods with more efficient automated process.

Company's Hydro-Propulsion Rotary Devices use standard home water pressure to power interchangeable rotating attachments for massage, skin care and cleaning applications, in consumer and professional healthcare markets.
Company's Hydro-Infusion™ Dispensing Valves connect to standard showering or water-powered cleaning devices to automatically mix cleaners, skin conditioners or aromatherapy with running water, thereby quickly and evenly dispensing and applying them during showering or cleaning.

Revolutionary Personal Care Products
Company's innovations have opened the door to many existing new applications in personal and professional healthcare. These applications greatly improve traditional methods of administering hydrotherapy, massage, skin exfoliation, moisturizing, aromatherapy, detoxification and decontamination. Company’s personal and professional care products integrated these treatments into the shower and bath, an ideal environment for their application. These therapeutic shower and bath devices increase effectiveness of these treatments and make them available to anyone on a daily bases in the course of a regular shower. They transform a routine shower or bath it into a daily health maintenance experience.

Innovative Cleaning Products
Cleaning applications often require the use of water and extended reach. Automatic scrubbing devices make cleaning much easier and faster then labor-intensive manual methods, but they usually require the use of electrical power, not suitable for use with water. Company’s unique cleaning products maximize power from existing indoor or outdoor water outlet to provide easy and effortless cleaning through the use of rotating attachments, automatic detergent dispensing and other convenience features.

Extra Convenient Shower & Bath Accessory Products
Company's new shower & bath accessories are designed to make shower & bath environment more versatile, user-friendly and integrated with personal or professional healthcare functions. These innovative products allow the user to interchange shower devices without plumbing work and to instantly wall-mount and reposition various shower & bath accessories without drilling and installations.

We Stand Behind Every Product We Make
Company’s new products and applications offer the user unprecedented new benefits over existing devices and methods. Every product is meticulously designed with end-user in mind, so it is user-friendly and simple to operate. Our rigid quality control guidelines and testing procedures insure flawless functionality, durability and reliability of every product we sell.

Interlink Products International, Inc.
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